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Song: The Mary Onettes – ‘Love’s Taking Strange Ways’

I don’t know what’s more surprising — turning on the internet and finding brand new material from my favorite band, The Mary Onettes, or listening to that new material and discovering that the world’s undeclared kings of melancholy have gone and gotten borderline cheerful on us! Maybe it has something to do with pairing up with talented producer Dan Lissvik (one half of the sadly defunct Swedish duo Studio), or perhaps it’s just the magical influence of Philip Ekström’s handsome new moustache. Whatever it is, The Mary Onettes have a new-found bounce in their step, and I am really liking the way it sounds.

While the lack of all-encompassing reverb and instantly tear-jerking melodies were a pretty huge shock to the system at first, only the blink of an eye passed before I was happily settling into Simon Fransson’s slick new groove and quite simply sharing in the band’s sudden case of the somewhat happies. Somehow these four gents have managed to inch ever slightly closer to the musical realm of Spandau Ballet, while simultaneously sounding more of their own era than ever. And if you’re afraid this all seems like the TMO you know and love is on temporary hiatus, just wait until that sky-high chorus first turns the corner. There’s definitely no mistaking that for anyone.


Love’s Taking Strange Ways is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, Love Forever. The EP will be released – presumably with love – by Labrador Records on February 28. Pre-order it here.

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  1. Mandi said 8 years ago

    Gah! I should never read your blog when I’m at work with no ability to listen! Now I have two things to look forward to when I come home today!

  2. Alan S. said 8 years ago

    It’s worth the wait. I can’t stop listening to it, though I doubt anyone is surprised by that.

  3. Tiners said 8 years ago

    How did I not know about this?! You just made my day for the second time within… 8ish minutes!!! HAPPINESS!!!

  4. Alan S. said 8 years ago

    HAPPINESS was my reaction exactly!

    I would have mentioned that I put this up, but I try not to over promote this little corner of the internet, so it sort of snuck on there quietly a few days after the re-launch. Was going to hold off on posting it until the monthly mixtape, but I think some songs are just going to have to be exceptions that get put up individually throughout the month. How do you not talk about a new The Mary Onettes song as soon as you hear it?

  5. Tiners said 8 years ago

    You can’t not talk about it;). Now I’m impatiently waiting for the EP to come out. And I agree that some songs deserve their own entry, this is definitely one of them. Did I mention that I am really glad you’re doing this again? I missed this site

  6. Lars said 8 years ago

    As you noticed with my “Drive” post, I’ve made it a habit to be as late to the big game as possible these days. At least this time I’m only 10 days behind the last comment.

    I’m extremely impressed by this step taken by the Mary Onettes. I may not have been the world’s biggest fan of “Islands” as a whole, despite the transcendent three minutes and forty-six seconds that is “Dare,” and was not terribly excited about the “The Night Before the Funeral” one off, but I am falling hard for this latest track. I’m looking forward to the release (and your review) of the EP and this as-of-yet untitled full-length slated for a September release, even though that only gives me three months or so to enjoy it before the end of the world.

  7. Alan S. said 8 years ago

    We’ll forever agree to disagree about “Islands” (easily one of my favorite albums ever penned), but I am glad we’re on the same page with this new one. If I had to guess, my money would be on the full-length actually venturing back into more familiar sonic territory, but we’ll know soon enough. Either way, this was definitely a bold move on their part, and reaction seems to be pretty positive from what I can tell. The rest of the EP should be very interesting…

  8. Lars said 8 years ago

    While I share your suspicion that the Mary Onettes will probably sound, well, a bit more like the Mary Onettes on the full-length, I hope there are at least a handful of tracks that are as adventurous creatively and sonically as “Love’s Taking Strange Ways.”

    Just for you, I’ll revisit “Islands.” I’ve gotten it quite wrong a number of times in the past, worth seeing how it strikes me now.

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