Jetsi Kain – I’m In Control

If you ever read this site back before my database decided to shit the bed, you might remember me doing a bit of the swoon over a couple of talented young Danes operating under the moniker Forgotten Fields on Fire. Back then, Vincent Dreyer and Jakob Bøcher Müller were not far removed from high school and already crafting music at the level of industry vets. Now, with a few more years under their belt, they’ve returned in force with both a brand new name and a fresh sound to hang it on.

No matter what they want to be called, these two guys know how to write some seriously wonderful pop. I’m In Control, the first single from their forthcoming debut as Jetsi Kain, follows in the footsteps of the excellent work they were already doing, only now their backward glancing tendencies are sharply contrasted with a decidedly contemporary style. The result won’t be too many worlds removed for anyone that was already a fan, yet it also feels like much more their own beast than ever. And if you thought you sensed the cool breeze of the beach back when you were listening to Forgotten Fields on Fire songs like You’ll Find Me There, there’s really no mistaking it in this instantly catchy, dub infused jam.


Expect updates as soon as more news about the album rolls out, as there’s no doubt it’s going to be one to look forward to. In the meantime, I am going to go annoy the hell out of my girlfriend by attempting to mimic those insane backing vocals.

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