Kent - '999'

Kent – 999

If there’s any group singularly responsible for my sloppy love affair with Scandinavian music, it’s likely the Swedish superstars that are Kent. Back in 1999 they began what would be a sadly short-lived relationship with America, ending it abruptly after two releases that resulted in a surprising lack of a foothold commercially. But though they… Continue Reading

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Jetsi Kain – I’m In Control

If you ever read this site back before my database decided to shit the bed, you might remember me doing a bit of the swoon over a couple of talented young Danes operating under the moniker Forgotten Fields on Fire. Back then, Vincent Dreyer and Jakob Bøcher Müller were not far removed from high school… Continue Reading

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The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes – ‘Love’s Taking Strange Ways’

I don’t know what’s more surprising — turning on the internet and finding brand new material from my favorite band, The Mary Onettes, or listening to that new material and discovering that the world’s undeclared kings of melancholy have gone and gotten borderline cheerful on us! Maybe it has something to do with pairing up… Continue Reading

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Perfume Genius ‘Hood’

Back in 2010, Seattle’s Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) released his lovingly crafted debut, Learning, an LP so intimate in content and form that it was easy to feel like you just discovered it hiding at the bottom of his underwear drawer. A very magical underwear drawer no less, where a sweeping Sigur Ros-esque drone… Continue Reading

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The Best Albums and EPs 2011

Best Albums & EPs of 2011

Getting this site back off the ground always takes me longer than I expect (chalk it up to being terminally anal retentive), so once more I am behind the curve on my 2011 lists. Still, I needed to (re)launch with the first of the monthly mixtapes in tow, and this seemed like as good a… Continue Reading

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